PCI Certified

PCI’s Plant Certification Program ensures that each plant has developed and documented an in-depth, in-house quality system based on time-tested, national industry standards. To become PCI Certified, plants must demonstrate they have appropriate experience and training in manufacturing precast concrete, quality systems and procedures in place and a commitment to quality throughout their organization. Each plant is required to develop a plant-specific Quality Systems Manual (QSM). This manual defines in detail how their operations work and is reviewed and approved by PCI. After the QSM is completed, an initial unannounced audit will take place. Upon passing its first audit, a plant is certified.

Twice a year, each plant undergoes thorough, unannounced audits. They are conducted by third-party engineers who audit the plant according to requirements specifically targeted to the products being manufactured at that location. PCI Certified plants are audited in accordance with standards published in three PCI quality-control manuals:

  • MNL-116, Quality Control for Plants and Production of Structural Precast Concrete Products
  • MNL-117, Quality Control for Plants and Production of Architectural Precast Concrete Products
  • MNL-135, Tolerance Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete Construction